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Are all your products natural products and might have variations in colour? like marble tables or italian leathers or natural timbers?

Yes they are. All our natural products are 100% natural including marble, Italian leather or natural timbers and etc.

All natural products like timber, marble or leather might and will vary in colour or feel. If there is particular colour please call us before ordering. We can't 100% guaranty that timber or marble will have exact same colour as on website. 

You can see it when you run your hand on it. Marble tables are 100% natural products and colours and imperfections can vary from shipmnent to shipmnent. We don't recommend them to have it outside but only inside but is customer responsibility if they do leave it on the balcony, terrace and etc.

Don't leave hot or wet items on any natural product as it will mark it due to the porous nature of these materials. 

If this affect isn't what you are after or you want a specific colour please ask our friendly staff members on 02 9570 7787

We are always here to help our customers. See our beautiful "Testimonial Page" how our customers love us. 


Are all your fibreglass products especially dining tables perfectly round?

Off course not. Every fibreglass product is hand made and can not be made in exact round shape. Of course you are not going to receive oval if you purchase round however keep in you mind that fibreglass product are not made by machine but hand made and can not be made perfectly round. 


Are measurements and colour of products can vary and exact measurements?

Products colours can vary from high definition of your screen. If you like more pictures from our showroom you are more than welcome. Products are measured from our showroom but measurements can vary 1-2cm higher or lower. If you need exact measurements to fit under the table or to make sure products is not too low or too high before you purchase it please give us call. We are happy to measure it for you to make sure your product is perfect for your need.

Also every product is individually handcrafted and there could be slight variations in the measurements or look of each product. Please contact us before purchase and we are happy to photographed of models in our stock line.


All products are not finished underneath?

Products might not be finished on the underneath. Please feel free to always ask questions about each product you would like to purchase so as to be sure of the finish of each product type. Milano Republic will not take any responsibility if customers change their mind because of simply not knowing what the product is like.


Can I order in different colours other than those displayed on website?


You can order in other colours. But other colours might not be in stock and the wait time for these may be up to 10-12 weeks for delivery. It's best to call us to discuss the exact colour and estimated time to manufacture.

There is no discount available on Special Orders.


I don't want delivery. Can I pick it up?

Of course you can. Our warehouse is located in Sydney, so you are most welcome to come and pick up your order whenever you like. Address, phone number and opening times can be found under "Contact us".

If you want to collect outside our standard operating hours, please call us to see what we can arrange.


You don't have the lounge which l like in stock? Can I order it?


Milano Republic value all our customers, therefore while you have to wait for your lounge to come we will give you 10% off as a voucher for you to use for your next purchase at our Milano Republic online shop.


Is it possible to speak to a person and order over the phone?

Yes you can.

You can place an order over the phone. You will get an up to date stock level, delivery day and have all your questions answered. Just call 02 9570 7787.


How do I care for my marble table?

Marble is a natural stone and can stain from spills.  Even water needs to be immediately wiped so as to not leave marks or mineral stains.  Water, weather and hot sun outside will cause the marble to crack. With routine care and maintenance it can be kept clean and sparkling. 


Can I visit your showroom and inspect the goods?

Yes you can.

You can visit our showroom as often as you like at 71 Halstead St South Hurstville. We are open to public. You can always email or phone 02 9570 7787 for details.


How do I pay for extra delivery charges?

The best way to do so is over the phone with your credit card or via Bank deposit. Or we will send you an invoice and you can pay through our website.


Do I have to be home to accept delivery?


  1. If the driver has to return because you were not home, we might ask you for "re-delivery" that the freight company will charge us.
  2. We will inform you which day to expect the delivery but unfortunaltey we can't give you an exact time because we are not given an exact time by the courier company either.
  • You can ask for delivery to be left somewhere around your house if it is secure. As a suggestion, some of our customers have deliveries done to their place of work.


How does the Price Match Guarantee work?

If a customer requests that we match the price of a competitor's advertised product the following terms and conditions shall apply:

  • Item must be in stock in our store at time of purchase.
  • Price comparisons must include all delivery charges and bonus offers.
  • Product must be identical (e.g. same brand/model/colour).
  • Confirmation of competitor's advertised price is required. i.e. catalogue, newspaper advertising.
  • Competitor must be in stock (not available for back orders).
  • Excludes competitor's clearance lines, limited stock offers, price errors or Member/Club/Internet prices.
  • The competitor must be in the same metro or town area as the requested price match.
  • The price must not be below our cost price


Do you ship overseas?


We can deliver almost all over the world, but you have to take into consideration that shipping cost might be high and that you might incur local custom duties as well. You are purchasing under the understanding that we can't offer any return guaranties that we offer to Australian customers. No returns if you are not happy with the product and no returns if something goes wrong in the future.


What are Power Points?

Power Points are points you accumulate as part of our loyalty program and a way for us to say "Thank you for shopping with us".

If you click on the black box along the bottom of the page called "Rewards Program" you can see:

  • Power Points balance
  • How many more points needed to reach certain rewards
  • How to earn extra power points


If customers pay deposit will be refundable back?

No, The deposit is none refundable if customers change their mind they will not get it back. Milano Republic is happy to hold the stock for customers for deposit discussed with customers and payable on the invoice however if customers change their mind we will not refunded back.


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