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We know that we are the best place to come if you are looking for fine replica furniture in Australia. We have thousands of carefully chosen products for your home or business, from sofas and chairs to tables and bookcases, drinks cabinets and lighting, rugs, and mirrors, and even art and cushions too. Whatever you need to make a style statement, we can help you find the perfect piece in our design-led range, and with our huge choice of replica designer furniture you can get your hands on an iconic classic without breaking the bank. With over 30 years of experience in furniture manufacture, the team here at Milano Republic have put so much time and effort in finding the best designer furniture reproductions, from the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair to the Hans Wegner Chair. One of our most popular design pieces is the Replica Hans Wegner chair. We have many versions of the Hans Wegner chair replica available in a range of colours and materials – so we are confident that you will find the right one for you. Read More

Who was Hans Wegner?

Hans Wegner was a world-famous Danish furniture designer whose thoughtful and high-quality work was often described as Organic Functionality. Like many other Scandinavian furniture makers, simplicity and technique met in his work to create functional and stylish pieces. As a child, Wegner was apprenticed to a cabinet maker, and learned that he had a real affinity with working on wood. Development of traditional joinery techniques led to the use of mortise and tenons and finger joints throughout the designs he created – paired with sculpted armrests and seat supports. Wegner created some iconic pieces throughout his lifetime, and many are still in production now:

  • The Chair

If you are looking for an iconic seating option, The Chair is it. Designed in collaboration with Johannes Hansen in 1949, this chair is made from 11 pieces of wood, 12 mortise and tenons, and 2 finger joints with wither a solid wooden seat or light woven caning. This became a real stylish choice when it was featured on the TV debate between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy in 1960.

  • The Wishbone Chair

Created in 1949, this was inspired in some part by traditional Ming chairs. The wishbone chair is created using difficult joinery techniques, from the steam curved back legs to the Y-shaped backrest that gives the chair its name. The Wishbone Chair is a strong, lightweight chair that is both a style statement and a functional piece of furniture, worthy of the Scandi style.

  • The Elbow Chair

The Elbow Chair is a rather more sophisticated chair, made to be stackable when it was first released in 1956. The characteristic steam-bent backrest made from a single piece of wood gave great elbow and lower back support, but as it was so production intensive the design was set aside, only being reintroduced into active production in 2005.

  • The Ox Chair

Although met with some amusement in the design world, The Ox Chair was arguably one of Wegner’s favourites – he had one in his own living room until the day he died. His fascination with Picasso led to the design of this masculine, sculptured piece – created to be luxurious and comfortable, with or without ‘horns’. Here at Milano Republic, you can buy Replica Hans Wegner Chairs in the style of the Elbow Chair and the ever-popular Wishbone Chair – accurate and exacting reproductions at a fraction of the cost. We are dedicated to getting your furniture to you as quickly and safely as possible, whether you collect it from our warehouse outlets - in Sydney and in Melbourne or we deliver to you using our carefully selected couriers.

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