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Mid-Century Modern Style Replica Eames Office Chairs

Whether you are furnishing a state-of-the-art workplace or need a stylish chair to complete your home office, there is no better statement than an Eames office chair replica. Eames chairs are rightfully seen as iconic in furniture design – and the Aluminium Range that is utilised for office chair use is the epitome of this. Here at Milano Republic, we specialise in fine furniture and accessories, and use our 30 years of experience in furniture manufacture to create and source accurate reproductions and replica designer furniture at the best possible price all over Australia.

Whether you need the perfect lighting, a comfortable replica eames lounge chairs, or replica eames dining chairs, or the best Eames office chair replica, you can find exactly what you need right here with Milano Republic.  With furniture and accessories based on iconic pieces from the very best designers in Europe, the USA and around the world, you can find your perfect statement piece in our carefully curated catalogue, and own a reliable reproduction that is almost identical to the real deal – without the hefty price tag. Read More

Charles and Ray Eames – Design and Function for Modern Living

Although the majority of their famous designs were created in the mid-20th Century, Charles and Ray Eames created stylish pieces that have stood the test of time – and many are now seen as iconic examples of Mid-Century Modern art, furniture and architecture.

As with many furniture designers, Charles Eames was studying architecture when he collaborated with Eero Saarinen in a competition to make the ultimate chair for the Museum of Modern Art in 1940. The Organic Chair, as it was known, was made from bent plywood, and although it won the competition, Eames and Saarinen lacked the technology to put it into production.

However, after marrying Ray in 1941, Charles began working on a series of chairs that made the most of technological advances and in some ways helped to create the technology that is still used today in fine furniture manufacture. One of the last of their well-known works – the Aluminium Range – was originally commissioned as outdoor furniture for the home of J Irwin Miller, the founder of Cummins Engines, in 1958. This Aluminium Range is what we base our replica Eames office chair designs on – as it was developed and improved to become the stylish statement piece we know and recognise today.

The Replica Eames Office Chair – More than Just Function

Of course, for a chair to earn its place as a style icon, it still needs to be functional – and function is the very pinnacle of the Eames Office Chair in all variations. The original design of the Aluminium Range featured a woven suspension back and seat that was stretched between aluminium ribs. In further development for production, the woven seat and back was replaced with the iconic leather and later the Soft Pad designs – which is the way we look for our replica Eames office chair designs here at Milano Republic.

Our Replica Eames Group Standard Aluminium Chair has the same design features as the original – with the option of tan, black or white leather or PU, a high or mid back, and ribbed leather or soft pad options available. With chromed aluminium legs and a polished final look, we passionately believe this is the best Eames office chair replica available in Australia. If you want to create the perfect look for your home office or workplace, then shop the best replica Eames office chair in Australia from Milano Republic today.

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