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It can be heartbreaking when you discover the ideal piece of furniture for your home in a magazine or while watching TV only to discover that the original is no longer in production. Scouring the internet quickly becomes the only course of action and post after post advertising second-hand originals at double the value is enough to make you lose faith entirely. However, now there is a way to get the same stylish furniture delivered to your door at a fraction of the cost - Milano Republic. We specialise in handcrafted replicas of some of the most stylish furniture pieces offered by elite brands, including the coveted replica egg chair. We provide excellent quality and unmistakable style to those with an eye for vintage and funky decor. Read More

Are You Looking for A Quality Retro Replica Egg Chair That Doesn’t Break the Bank?

Egg chairs have an unmistakably futuristic quality while at the same time being inherently retro. Harking back as early as the nineteen-fifties when they appealed to a new cadre of progressives embracing the counterculture, these chairs spoke to a future that had only been suggested in science fiction. They rapidly grew in popularity and became a mainstream feature of lounges and studies during the seventies and eighties. Today, these excellent pieces act as a stylish reminder of what those decades got right in terms of style and decor. They have cut through the kitsch elements that dominated that era for decades and remain a comfortable and stylish reminder that simple design often leaves the strongest mark on culture.

Long Lasting Replica Egg Chairs Is the Mark of Quality Craftsmanship

Good art is supposed to be enjoyed by the masses and here at Milano Republic we strongly believe that egg chairs deserve to be preserved and enjoyed in homes all across Australia today. It has never been easier to get your hands on one of these coveted chairs. By simply browsing through our online catalogue you can place an order with us in minutes and have an incredible replica dispatched to your address. All of our handcrafted pieces are made with love and attention to detail. We mean to preserve the aesthetics we appreciate, that is why our furniture is built to last for decades.

Great & Designer Replica Egg Chairs Are Meant to Be Shared

If you are interested in buying outstanding replica egg chairs in Australia, then there is only one place that you need to look. Milano Republic ships to everywhere in Australia and we even ship internationally. We also have warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne where you may be able to collect your order in person if available. We offer outstanding customer service that keeps you in the loop about your order and delivery times. We are committed to sharing great design with those who appreciate it and our goal is to make it easier for everyone to enjoy classic retro furniture. If you are interested in placing an order or you have a query about a particular product then we advise you get in touch with us so we can allay any concern. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the furniture you have dreamed of.

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