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Milano Republic – Your Number One Destination for Replica Furniture in Brisbane

If you are style conscious, every decision you make about the look of your home or office needs to be design-led – and choosing the right piece of replica furniture in Brisbane can make all the difference to your décor – and your pocket.

In an ideal world, choosing, purchasing and shipping original furniture to anywhere in Australia would be simple and cost-effective, but we all know that just the purchase cost is prohibitive to almost everyone – and that is why Milano Republic have invested so much time and effort into finding the best replica furniture in Brisbane for our stores and online.

Choosing the best representations of designer style to showcase in our replica furniture Brisbane store online has meant that we have had to work with the greatest manufacturers and importers so that you don’t have to. With many items in stock, and pre-orders available, we can source and make the most reliable reproductions for the ultimate in replica furniture in Brisbane.

Whether you are looking for a leather lounger or a Ghost Chair or Tulip Dining Table or the perfect lighting, you can find it all here with Milano Republic – at a price that is much more palatable. Read More

The Most Iconic & Designer Replica Furniture in Brisbane

We make sure all our replica designer furniture in Brisbane is a reliable representation, and choose the most iconic items to feature from the most well-known designers, such as:

  • Eero Saarinen

Saarinen was an architect and industrial designer perhaps most well-known for designing the Washington Dulles International Airport, but he also created furniture that was noted for a uniquely neo-futuristic style. He collaborated with Charles Eames in 1940, but his most famous design is the Tulip series of chairs and tables in the 1950s.

  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Mies (as he was known) was German, and the last director of the Bauhaus – the seminal school of modern architecture in Germany before the Nazis destroyed it. Regarded as a pioneer in modern architecture, his “skin and bones” style combining minimal framework with unobstructed free-flowing space has influenced many modern architects. The Barcelona chair, originally designed for the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929, was made to impress Spanish royalty – and is so important in the design world that it is said any aspiring architect should own one.

Of course, we have so many more designers that we have used to feature in our replica furniture items in our Brisbane store online – we couldn’t possibly list them all here.

The Best Replica Furniture in Brisbane at the Best Prices

We want our replica furniture in Brisbane to be accurate representations. This is why we have different versions of many items available – not just for multiple colourways, but also to allow you to choose the materials that are used in the creation.

Basic replica furniture in Brisbane from us at Milano Republic might feature the best plastics, or we often find fibreglass makes for a sturdier reproduction. Of course, we also use Carrara marble and finest Italian Aniline leather as well as PU for finishing touches – so the level of detail and accuracy in our replica furniture in Brisbane is up to you as the customer.

Find your perfect piece of replica designer furniture in Brisbane , Sydney & Melbourne with Milano Republic today.

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