Replica Tulip Table - White Carrara Marble - 90cm

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Replica Tulip Table - White Carrara Marble - 90cm

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“Tulip” Table - Replica Eero Saarinen Tulip Dining Table - Italian Carrara Marble


  • Marble Top
  • Solid, Heavy & Strong Aluminium Base (with concrete inside)


  • 90cm Diameter
  • 75cm Height


  • Carrara White Marble top
  • White or Black base



  • Italian Carrara marble top with grey veining
  • Spacious round shaped table
  • White heavy-moulded cast aluminium base
  • Seats 4-5 people
  • This beautiful Replica Tulip Table with marble top was made famous by designer Eero Saarinen 1957.
  • natural product and you can see it with imperfections in it.
  • beauty of natural product is that you can feel it not like man made marble that looks like glass and clearly is man made however if you don't want imperfections in it then you need to go with man made marble or artificial marble
  • Marble is a natural stone which will have unique imperfections and characteristics
  • Any variations in colour, texture, polish and patterns are not faults
  • Polished marble is porous; wipe away any liquid spills immediately using water or a mild cleaner to avoid marks. Placemats and coasters are recommended
  • Differences between shipments is to be expected
  • Our standard 12-month warranty does not apply to marble and natural stone products if they misused


  • Our marble table tops are a natural stone that each have their own unique imperfections and characteristics. Any variations in colour, texture, polish and pattern are not a fault and should be appreciated. Please note that polished marble is porous, so contact with liquids or hot beverages may cause the marble to mark. Make sure to wipe away any spills immediately using water or a mild cleaner. We recommend the use of placemats and coasters to further protect the integrity of the marble
  • All marble products are inspected and delivered in a wooden crate that requires your own tools to open
  • Requires two-person assembly due to weight
Things to remember
  • Marble, granite and limestone’s are 100% natural products, hence variations exist in grain size, structure, veining, shade, tonings and colour.
  • It is not abnormal for some marbles, granites and limestone’s to have an open or pitted surface. This is not the case for all stones, but it is a 100% totally natural characteristic’s of most stones. It is not a flaw of the stone, nor is it a case of the stone being second grade, nor is it a defect of the polishing process. It is simply an unavoidable characteristic’s of most stones. Some stones have little or no openness, some have a medium degree and some have a higher degree of this characteristic. Again, I stress that this is not a flaw, hence it is futile to ask to fill these areas as they are so shallow that they cannot be filled. 
  • Repolishing will also do nothing to alleviate this characteristic. 
  • Marbles in particular may have what we call open veins, again a characteristic of the stone.
  • You must not put hot items such as a full roast tray, a pot or saucepan full of hot contents, or similar items directly on top of your benchtop. This can cause your stone benchtop to crack.
  • Oil, fat and butter can change the look of your stone benchtop. It will darken it. This does not mean that your stone is damaged. Some stones are also more absorbent than others. Again, this is not a defect nor a reflection of quality, but a natural characteristic of the stone.
  • All bench tops are treated with a Hydro repellent before installation. Most times this is effective against oils etc, until it is corroded away by acid liquids such as citric acid or acetic acid (i. e. vinegar) these acids will not damage granite, but they will remove the polish from a marble or limestone, giving you a dull spot.
  • In the case of granites these liquids will corrode the Hydro repellent which lies in the pores of the stone once corroded, liquids such as oil will then permeate the surface of the stone and give you a dark spot.
  • The location of joins is governed by the lengths of the slabs available at the time of manufacture of your benchtops, also by the location of appliances, i. e. sink and hotplate, by the lengths of your kitchen benchtops and also by the cutters strategy. We try to keep joins to a minimum as much as is practical.
  • Joins are visible.
Milano Republic offers one year (12 Months) warranty on its products.