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Shipping, Returns, Payments


* Payments:

Only after all monies due are paid, will we be able to advise of actual delivery date.

Once payment has cleared we will contact you within 24-48 hours to advise you of the estimated delivery date.

When customers use the payment option: "Direct Deposit" please be aware that stock will not be deducted from our inventory until payment is fully made to Milano Republic. If customers would like us to hold the stock for them this must be done over the phone prior and bank slip must be emailed to: sales@milanorepublic.com.au

Coupon Codes & Credits

  • Only 1 x Coupon Code or Credit can be used per purchase unless authorised differently by the manager.
  • Online Coupon codes & Vouchers do not apply for overseas purchases unless confirmed via email from our head office prior.

For information regarding BUY NOW, PAY LATER, click here

If customers pay a deposit will it be refundable?

No, The deposit is non-refundable if customers change their mind. Milano Republic is happy to hold the stock for customers for deposit discussed with customers and payable on the invoice, however if customers change their mind the deposit remains non-refundable.


* Shipping:

Shipping Calculator

Shipping will automatically be calculated at checkout or when viewing your cart.

Shipping is based on your postcode and physical size of the items in your order.

We don't profit from shipping (many times we contribute into the shipping) or we simply pass on couriers charges to us.

Please check all your items carefully on delivery. Ones you signed the paperwork Milano Republic will not be responsible for any damages to the goods at all. For larger items Milano Republic must be notified within 24hours of receiving the order. Milano Republic will not take any responsibility for any damages after 24hours of receiving it.

Fragile items might occur extra cost when shipping it out as Fragile Couriers do charge extra. Please call 02 9570 7787 to find out more information.


If goods are shipped overseas Milano Republic is not taking any responsibility for any damages at all.



1. Order will be processed by our sales team within 24-48 working hours after payment is received

2. Order will be dispatched out of the warehouse within 3-7 working days

3. Delivery should arrive within:

  • 2-7 business days after dispatch for Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane metro keep in you mind christmas time is very busy time period and it might take longer
  • 7-12 business days after dispatch for WA-Perth metro
  • other areas might take little bit longer but feel free to ask friendly Milano Republic team members


Package Deals

Some products have "package deals" options.

These are designed to save you money, as some items can be shipped with multiple items in the same box.

Therefore, please be sure to select the "package deals" where possible if you are ordering multiples of the same item, so as to minimise your shipping costs.

Here's an example to help explain: Our Cross Dining chairs can be purchased as single chair or sets of 2.

If you were to order 6 individual chairs, our shipping calculator would calculate shipping based on 6 individual boxes.

However, if you were to select 3 x 'set of 2' package deals, our shipping calculator would calculate shipping based on only 3 boxes, thus minimising your shipping cost for you automatically.


Curb Side Delivery Only

As we use external couriers for our deliveries, we can only offer "Curb Side Delivery". This means that the couriers will generally bring your purchased items to the ground floor entrance of your home or apartment building. So you will be required to have at least one or two strong people on hand to carry your furniture inside.

Milano Republic MUST be notified for any damages within 24 hours of receiving the order. 

No set up or removal of packaging is offered.  

If the customer is unable to arrange the necessary capable people to carry the items inside, Milano Republic can arrange this service, however there will be an extra charge. Please contact our customer service on 02 9570 7787 to discuss this further, if required.

However once delivery is considered 'complete' it is the customers responsibility for any damages caused inside the unit or house. Milano Republic will not take any responsibility for any damages caused inside of the premises.


Incorrect Delivery Address or Failure to Accept Goods

We are not responsible if you provide us with incorrect delivery address or fail to be there to accept the delivery as arranged, therefore re-delivery charges will apply.

We use contract couriers and they will impose these re-delivery charges on us. Therefore, we do apologise but have no choice but to pass these on to you.


Rescheduling or Change of Delivery Address

Please remember that we are just a phone call away or you can send us an email if you need to make changes to pre-arranged delivery time, day or location.


Pre-Orders & Special Orders

When customers place order as a pre-order they are accepting terms and conditions of Milano Republic that there is no refund or cancelation on the pre-orders as every stock gets allocated to each individual customer. Milano Republic can not take responsibility and will not cancel and refund pre-orders. Special orders and pre-orders are made special for customers and not refunds or cancelations will be taken. Any changes (excludes refund) will occur admin fee of $40



Pickups and Personal Shipping Arrangements

Customers are welcomed to pick up orders from our warehouses or arrange their own delivery at their own cost.  Please contact us to arrange this, as at this time there is no option on our website to select pickup or otherwise. Please contact us which warehouse items are kept to.

Customers must let us know 1 x Day prior Pick Ups so warehouse can prepare it ahead for smooth pick up and check goods prior of pick up.


Monday - Friday: 11am - 4pm


* Returns:

It is the customer's responsibility to check the goods at the time of pick up from the warehouse or within 24 hours of delivery. Once the customer has signed the delivery docket the courier will not take any responsibility for the goods. Milano Republic will not take any responsibility for damages if the goods go into storage.


If customer receives goods them MUST check it within 24hours of arrival. Milano Republic will get back to customers within 24-48 working hours with answers how we can rectify the problem.


At Milano republic we offer "No Fuss" Guarantee

If for some reason when you receive your goods you do not like them, we will accept them back for a "Store Credit" within 7-days. A voucher will be issued for an amount equal to the price paid for the product, less the Shipping Charges & Assembly Charges as these charges are billed separately from our couriers. This voucher can be used for future shopping. Returns will be accepted within 7-days of delivery. Return delivery is made at the customer's expense. Conditions apply.


If customer receive goods and they are damage customers MUST email pictures, descriptions of damage and full details email to: sales@milanorepublic.com.au within 24hours of delivery. Milano Republic will review problems and will repair, replace or refund the order. Milano Republic will repair or replace first and only if we can't repair it or replace it then we will refund the item. If Milano Republic is organising to return goods back to us customer will be responsible for courier fees.

If goods are found not faulty customer will be charged delivery fees back. Customers must choose carefully as some colours of timber can vary from shipment to shipment. If there is colour which customers must received please contact us before ordering. 


Customers must choose carefully as Milano Republic will not do refund If goods don't fit inside the room, dining tables are rocking because of uneven floors and etc. It is customer responsibility that all of these above are well made. On timber goods (as light walnut or dark walnut) or marble there can be variations in the goods as every season the colour of tree grows differently and marble as well can appear in different colours. If customer is not happy with the colour they will be responsible for freight charges. If you need exact colour please call us before ordering. Milano Republic will not refund the freight charge to customer and from customer. 

Special orders will not be canceled..


Customers MUST always follow and be aware of below:

1. Customers must notify us within 24 hours. If customer seems more different products on the website please contact us because every product is individually made and there could be slight variation within the product structure or look. 

2. We would like to be notified of your intention immediately via email.

3. Returns can't be done for special orders which are not on website.

4. The goods returned under the "No Fuss" Guarantee, must not be soiled, worn or used or damaged after the delivery.

5. Returned goods must be in their original condition and packaged in their original packaging. Under warranty returned goods MUST HAVE original packaging as customer received it. Couriers will not pick up any goods without original packaging.

6. Cost of returning the goods to Milano Republic will be the buyer’s responsibility. Delivery fees is clearly cost to us and Milano Republic is strictly NOT profiting on freight charges. We only pass the delivery charge onto customers.

7. Any delivery charges to you the buyer will not be reimbursed.

8. We do not accept exchanges based on colour preferences. Colours may vary slightly from photos taken because of photography or screen colour differences.

9. Milano Republic Pty Ltd reserves the right to change these conditions without notice.

10. Products are measured from our showroom but measurements can vary 1-2cm higher or lower. If you need exact measurements to fit under the table or to make sure a product is not too low or too high before you purchase it please give us call. We are happy to measure it for you to make sure your product is perfect for your need.

11. To exchange goods or return goods for store credit or customer cancellations for pre-orders or goods changes will apply admin fee or if customer changed his/her mind there is handling fee of $40 for any goods if return/exchange (Pick up old ones or Drop off new ones) or store credit has to be organised or order has to be canceled. 

12. No refund for goods which has to be order in advance.

13. Hand Made Products: Colour of timber, leather and etc can vary from shipment to shipment. If customer would like exact colour what is on the website please let us know and we are more than happy to assist and organise it.

Lights, dining chairs and marble tables are all hand made products and size, colour or wiring might slightly vary as every hand made product will. If you don't want variations please contact us before placing order. 

14. Orders made especially for customers can't be canceled unless our supplier is able to cancel it.

15. Any Pre-Orders mentioned on the website are pre-orders to our warehouse not delivered to our customers. If customers are not prepared to wait do not pre-order.

16. Fragile items are recommend it to use Fragile Couriers for extra cost.

17. If customer pre-order goods there will not be cancelation taken on pre-orders.

18. If cancellation (exchange for different item) are taken on Pre-orders there will be $40 admin fee charged to customer.

19. If customers organise their own shipping back to our warehouse customers are responsible for that cost. Milano Republic is not refunding shipping back to customers. 


Please remember that we will always try to assist in any way we can with any questions and concerns you might have. Just give us a call or email us prior to ordering and we will be more than happy to assist.


* Guarantee:

Milano Republic offers one year (12 Months) warranty on its products. This warranty covers faulty materials and faulty workmanship. It does not cover wear and tear, misuse or abuse of the product.

It is the customer's responsibility to check the goods when they receive the delivery as Milano Republic will not take any responsibility for the goods later (for any damages or missing products) once the invoice has been signed for by customer.

If the customer has their goods in a storage area, garage etc then it is the customer's responsibility for any damages discovered at a later stage.

We will replace goods that were damaged during delivery but it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the goods thoroughly and report such damage immediately at the time of delivery by email with photos if possible. If an item you purchased is found to be faulty, we will provide a replacement or service and necessary support.

We reserve the option of repairing or replacing any part(s) found to be defective in workmanship for up to a year. Customer should give us reasonable time to inspect and rectify any faults and we will attempt to inspect and rectify faults in quickest possible time.

Every product is individually hand made product including pendants, marble tables and dining chairs. If you see on the website few different variations in the same product contact us before purchase as we don't guaranty that every product will look same as picture provided. There could be slight variations in the product as every hand made product could have slight variations. 

Warranty will be void if products are used in non-recommend it manner (abnormal way) or if Milano Republic does not recommend furniture for commercial use. 


* Refunds:

When you return faulty goods the goods will be inspected for damage before we can process your refund. Please allow us reasonable time to receive the return, inspect it and process your refund or store credit. And remember that we are always ready to help so phone or email or even visit us. All the refunds must be notified via email. 


If customer does assembly and damaged the stock by not proper handling of goods or damage it but screwing screws to hard it's their responsibility. Milano Republic is not taking responsibility for it. If customer would like us to do assembly we are more than happy to do so for little extra cost.


Special order are not refundable as well as deposits for order is not refundable.

If Pre-Order can't be supplied by date given by Milano Republic we will 100% return money back to customer as 100% money back guaranty. This is on Pre-Orders Only. (Read terms and conditions above)


OVERSEAS (non-Australian) PURCHASES;

Please take note that we can not offer any guarantees outside of Australia and above conditions do not apply.

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